Project Activities and Outputs

Inventory of Technology Installed/Upgraded

4 PDS towers
6 Dell slim towers
9 flat screen monitors
9 keyboards
9 mouses
1 Switch
Lexmark Black & White Printer
Ethernet cables

Microsoft XP Professional with 3 users (students, adults, and admin)
Open Office
Tux Paint
Tux Math
Tux Typing
Clean Slate
Video & sound drivers
Printer driver
Fox Filter
Files transferred from old computers

All computers are connected to the internet
All computers are networked to the printer

Environmental Changes Made

Per discussions with the site director, we left the layout of the lab much the same. During installation, we cleaned the tables and floor. With the site director, we found new spots for some of the clutter, too.

Additionally, we added two computers for “adult-only” use in a separate area of the larger gathering space.

Training and Documentation Provided

Gmail & Google Drive.
The site director requested an inventory template for both the food pantry and clothing closet. She wanted multiple people to be able to access these documents from multiple computers so that the kids could help with maintaining an accurate inventory.

We created 4 spreadsheets using Google Drive, and created a Gmail account for the site director so that she could have full control of them. We made a printable inventory sheet for both the food and clothing with space for a description of the item and quantity. The site director expressed interest in entering her own categories for the food in order of where they should be on the shelves to help expedite the process for students, so we showed her how to enter this information.

The other two spreadsheets are to enter the data collected, keeping track over time.

We created a document with instructions on how to access, print, and use these Google documents, keeping in mind questions that arose during conversations with the site director.

Another set of instructions saved in Google Drive covers Fox Filter — how to log in, how to allow and block sites and categories, and how to save changes.

New website.
Besides the new hardware, the site director was most interested in cultivating a collection of online resources for the children and adults who use the computers. We thought the easiest way to accomplish this would be to build a simple website.

The website can be found here:

Contact information and the mission statement are on the homepage.

We talked with some of the children to find out some of their favorite websites and included those and similar websites in the “Fun Links” page that also provides resources for homework help. All the links are annotated.

Per the director’s request, we collected a page of GED preparation sites to help some of the users get ready for the GED’s shift to online-only tests next year.

The final page lists the hours and special projects of the Culture Club.

Because we used a Google site, the director has the ability to edit and update the site as needed. We created a how-to sheet to show her how to  make these changes.

We have the website as the homepage on all the computers.

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