LIS451 Fall 2012 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Culture Club is a program created and run by the Church of the Brethren, a small church located in northern Champaign. The program serves largely as an after-school function for children in the community, though many of them do not belong to the church. Dawn Blackman is in charge of the program and its various activities, and she was our contact for the project we were implementing there.

One large function that Culture Club hopes to fulfill is giving kids access to computers and the internet, not only so they can stay current with technology, but so that they can develop critical skills involved in the use of a computer that are essential to their future success.

The primary need for this site was a revitalization of the existing computer lab. The last project team had install several computers back in 2006, and since then many of them had died and others were showing advanced signs of aging. As such, the lab was becoming increasingly unstable and most kids would have to take turns using the computer. Furthermore, a secondary function of the lab is to serve adults seeking to apply for jobs online, an act certainly hindered by these factors.

Our task was to prepare a new batch of computers to replace the current lab. Within that task was the request to give the computers a home site where kids could be linked to educational materials, as well as several spreadsheets in the form of google documents that Dawn planned to use to teach the kids the basics of inventorying. Lastly, we needed to build in some flexibility so that Dawn would be able to edit and adjust various settings based on the changing needs of Culture Club after our task was accomplished.


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