Inventory of Equipment and Software

Culture Club currently has (and will be keeping)

  • 2 computers that will not be networked, but must be in main room
  • Games Software: (given to us on 10/20 and installed on various computers)
    Hoyle Word Games
    World Atlas
    MasterClips Clip Art
    Cyber Chess and Cribbage
    Clue Finders 4th Grade Adventures-Mystery of the Missing Amulet and Puzzle of the Pyramid
    Disney Atlantis The Lost Games
    Madeleine Thinking Games
    The Creatures Trilogy
    The Magic School Bus Explores Bugs
    Popular Science 100 Greatest Inventions
    Color a Story in 3-D
    National Geographic Society Year in Review
    Explorers of the New World
    Star Wars Jar Jar’s Journey
    Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
    Star Trek 25th Anniversary
    Jigsaw Power
    Castles II
  • Ink jet printer for Education Station (should be given to us at some point)
  • 3 tables for computer
  • desk for Education Station
  • speakers for computers (should be given to us at some point)

We will provide

  • 8 complete computers
  • 16 Power cords, 8 monitors, 8 keyboards, and 8 mice
  • Network cables-enough have been made for the 8 lab computers, the router, and the printer.
  • Switches – WILL REQUEST 3 SWITCHES. After meeting with MW on 11/2, we will be getting ONE switch and will need to make enough cable to connect every computer.
    We have received one 16 port switch, which will allow every computer to be connected and room for additional computers as needed.
    UPDATE 12/10 – Due to electriacal issues, we needed to add an additional 16 port switch, bringing our total to two.

Culture Club must acquire

  • Printer to be networked
  • Speakers for remaining computers
  • additional tables (we must tell them how many)

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