Implementation Plan


  • figure out room configuration
  • boot and nuke all computers
  • get Windows 98 on all computers
  • load browsers, anti spyware, OpenOffice, and other software on all computers
  • load educational software to Education Station computer
  • load games onto right computers
  • printers – drivers and compatibility
  • speakers – drivers and compatibility
  • build cables
  • test/set-up switches
  • test network/sharing/passwords

Week 9

  • Site Survey – Oct 20

Week 10

  • Update wiki with meeting notes
  • Decide on configuration of lab rooms
  • Determine priorities

Week 11

  • Send letter to DB
  • Nuke all computers
  • Load W98 on all computers

Week 12

  • Finish W98 load on all computers
  • Load browsers, Office, and spyware on all computers
  • Build cables?
  • Network build and test

Week 13

  • Load games and other software on all computers (Changed to testing each game by loading it on one computer)
  • Install printers and drivers (No printer was provided)
  • Install speakers and drivers

Week 14

  • Finish speaker and printer install
  • Final network tests

Week 15

  • Finishing touches and install

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