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Initial Letter to DB

Dear Dawn:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us on October 20th. We enjoyed learning more about your organization and are looking forward to working with you to create a computer lab that will help you reach your goals. We would like to follow up with you regarding a few points:

DSL installation – We don’t think that the placement of the DSL line will matter much in terms of the computer placement, so feel free to decide on placement in conjunction with the phone company representative.

Electric wiring – After speaking with our instructor, we feel that at least one more electric outlet will be necessary in the main lab room. However, if you are going to install one outlet, you may want to consider installing several “two-gang” style plugs at regular intervals throughout the room (estimated cost for each one is around $3-5) This way, you will have more power available in the event that you decide to change the lab arrangements or expand the lab in the future.

Printer – You can go to Best Buy or their website to view their printer/scanner/fax machines. Here is a link to the Best Buy website:

We recommend the following printers:

Hewlett-Packard Officejet Multifunction Printer/ Copier/ Scanner/ Fax. Model: 4315

Epson – Stylus Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax CX5800F

You will also need to purchase a print server in order to ensure that the printer will work with the computers in the lab. Print servers can also be purchased at Best Buy.

Here are some print servers that you may consider purchasing:
Linksys 802.11g Wireless USB Print Server
Model: WPS54G

D-Link 802.11b Wireless USB Print Server
Model: DP-311U
We will need to have the printer that you choose, the print server, and the printer currently connected to the Education Station sometime in November until the lab install in order to ensure they work with the network.

Security – It is not possible to control all computers with one security log-in due to the limitations of the Windows 98 Operating System. However, there are several software options that you may want to consider. We recommend speaking with the DSL provider about the “parental control” options they have available through the different routers they offer.

Workstations – After meeting with our instructor, we have confirmed that we will be able to provide seven “new” computers for the main lab (in addition to your two computers that will not be networked) and one computer to serve as the education station. We intend to make as many of these ready to use with your speakers as possible, but we will need to have the speakers in order to test them with the computers to make sure they work.

Priorities – We will do our best to accomplish everything that we discussed for this lab. However, in order to help us prioritize our tasks, please take a moment to look at this list of priorities. Let us know as soon as possible if something needs to be moved up on the list, as there is a possibility that some tasks will not be finished in time for our delivery date.
1 – Seven computers in the main room and one computer in the adjoining room should be set-up on one network, connected to the Internet via DSL.
2 – Each computer will have Window 98, Internet browsers, and security (anti-spyware and anti-virus) software installed on them.
3 – The Education computer will have educational software installed in it.
4 – The main room computers will have as many games as possible installed on them.
5 – All computers will be connected to a networked printer.
6 – Each computer will have a set of speakers (provided by you).

As we discussed in our meeting, we intend to install the new lab sometime in the second week of December. We will be in contact with you periodically over the next few weeks as questions arise. Please contact us when you have made your printer purchase and we will arrange to pick it up from you along with the speakers. Also please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns.

We look forward to working with you?

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