LIS451 Fall 2012 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Crosspoint Human Services at the Y comprises a domestic violence shelter and a transitional shelter for homeless women and children.  Crosspoint is a non-profit organization which provides a variety of services, all with the ultimate goal of empowering victims of domestic violence.  Staff members work with each woman to design and implement a plan for goals they would like to accomplish.  To help meet these goals, Crosspoint offers Life Skills classes which serve to educate on topics ranging from creating a budget, job application skills, healthy living, and parenting skills.  Many of the skills taught in these classes could be augmented with access to computers.  For some skills, computers are necessary. This includes keyboard proficiency, job searching and applications, accommodation searching, and even higher education opportunities.  There are not any computers available to residents at Crosspoint, and while the community library is closely located, it is certainly not as convenient as computers on-premise and it may not be safe for some of the women to leave the shelter.

Project Summary

The 451 Crosspoint group, working closely with staff at Crosspoint, will design and install computers in various locations on the second floor.  These computers will be equipped with standard software used in business and educational settings, in order to provide tools for the Life Skills classes.  These computers will directly and positively augment the overall mission of Crosspoint.  Three of the computers will be specifically targeted for children and teen usage, and will have extra filtering software to safeguard against inappropriate and unsafe use.  This filtering software will be implemented in part to meet Crosspoint’s goal of “preservation of childhood.”

Crosspoint staff will be responsible for handling electrical and network wiring. Staff will also provide furniture for the space, two printers, additional software, and other miscellaneous items, including case locks.

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