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Organization’s Priorities for Implementation of Technology

After our discussion on May 30, it because clear that the CAFS staff would like to have four computers running Edubuntu, with the OS customized to direct children to the internet, educational games, and Open Office suite. For internet use, it’s important that some parental controls be implemented with Mozilla Firefox.

Resources Available to Implement Technology at the Organization

One of the most valuable resources an organization has its its human capital and CAFS has this in Kavitha Kareti ¬†and Dave (the center’s IT specialist). Who will be available June 5-7 for consultations about Edubuntu and customization and game selection.

Resources Organization Can Provide for Technology Implementation

  • Two existing monitors
  • Internet cable(s)

Resources GSLIS Will Need to Provide

  • 5 computers (4 with Edubuntu installed, one with MS Windows 2000 installed – set up to be a printer/file server)
  • 3 monitors
  • 5 mice
  • 5 keyboards
  • 4 speaker sets
  • Parental Control system (OpenDNS)