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Lessons Learned

The team members worked on two projects at the same time (Mt. Zion) so the lessons learned are a reflection of their experiences at both organizations.

  1. Spending hours sawing/filing plastic can help build relationships with community partners
  2. When installing a new CD/DVD drive, connect the audio cable before replacing the case
  3. If you can’t get into an administrator account because you don’t have the necessary password, you can wipe the hard drive and start over
  4. You can only do so much (If someone’s adverse to trying new software, it might help to give them a demonstration/lesson. Then again, it might not.)
  5. If the computer is using SCSI, you need to look at the SCSI BIOS to get information about the devices it’s connecting, not the regular BIOS
  6. If there’s food at your site, Jake will comeĀ 
  7. Sometimes the hardest part of working on a computer is getting the case open…
  8. Things always take longer than you think they will
  9. If there’s a plastic cap over a monitor port, you probably shouldn’t use that one
  10. When working with community partners, try to find the proper balance between really listening and asking the questions you need to help the community partners get what they need (and what they want–if you can also accomplish that)
  11. Be flexible. Sometimes things planned will not work, so you need to be prepared to try another option(s).