Project Plan

Logic Model #2


We have several resources we will be working over the course of the project.

Our first and primary resource is our 451 team (Nicole, Sierra, Joelle, Sarah, and Martin). We will be doing all of the designing, planning, building, and set up of the lab space.

The next resource we had for this project was Canaan’s grant money. This was used to purchase new computers, software, and printers for the lab.

Another resource we had was the funds allocated to the 451 class from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. We used these funds to buy materials to build tables for the space.

Our last resource was volunteers. These consisted of other 451 classmates helping out with the construction of tables.


We had many activities that we wanted to accomplish over the course of the semester.

  • Client meeting with Bryant: Gathered information about site (demographics, material inventory, measurements). Discussed wants and needs of students, staff, and school
  • Construct 1st and 2nd logic model
  • Move old computers from lab into classrooms
  • Build and install collaborative tables
  • Install new computers, printers, and software



Going into this project we had many expected outcomes. We wanted to create a space the encouraged and supported the use of technology in an educational setting. One of our major concerns was providing the students with space to collaborate. Through providing new tables and redesigning the layout we hope to achieve this goal.

Along the same lines, we wanted this new layout to allow for students and teachers to move freely around the room. The lab before had very limited space for teachers to walk in-between rows of desks to assist students. Additionally,  there was media going in all directions around the room to connect computers to the network and power sources. This media was easy to trip on and just looked messy. Through the redesign we were able to route all the media along the walls thus creating feel walkways and a cleaner look.

Before Illustration

Proposed Plan

Final Outcome Illustration 


Making sure that the work our team did will be able to accommodate Canaan Academy’s future was essential. Our team took several measures to ensure the sustainability of the Canaan computer lab.

We created versatile tables for the space that can be moved around the room. Two of the tables were made so that they could be placed together for more desk space or separated for less.  We provided more table space than was originally in the room; therefore, Canaan’s lab can accommodate more computers in the future if need be.

The lab is expected to be receiving new technology in the near future. We took this into consideration when designing and setting up the infrastructure of the space. Canaan is expected to receive new computers soon; so, the tables we constructed provide enough space to fit the current number of computers as well as the future number. Additionally, they will be mounting a LCD monitor to further aide with instruction and presentation. We kept this in mind when designing a layout for the room. We placed the tables in locations that would facilitate optimal viewing of the monitor.

As we were setting up the new space, we made sure our client, Bryant, was there to observe the process. By showing Bryant the work we were doing setting up computers, the network, and the tables will help him be able to maintain the structure if changes need to occur.

Project Transition Checklist

  • 2/14/12 Meet with client, Bryant Tatum at Canaan Academy
  • 2/21/12 Completed 1st logic model
  • 2/23/12 Observe students using the computer lab and obtain lab measurements
  • 3/6/12 Discuss grant proposal and 2nd logic model
  • 3/16/12 Attain more measurements and discuss initial floor plan with Bryant. Take before pictures of lab
  • 4/9/12 Check circuits at site and took inventory of materials in the room
  • 4/10/12 Begin building tables
  • 4/23/12 Finish building tables
  • 4/24/12 Install tables and reorganize computer stations

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