Project Activities and Outputs

Inventory of Technology Installed/Upgraded

  • Five tables; two 6′  half-rounds, three 5’x4′ quarter-round tables
  • Ten PC’s with keyboards, mice and switch
  • Instructor station

Environmental Changes Made

The existing computer tables were completely removed to make way for the new half-round tables. Power cords and cables were removed and rearranged throughout the room.  Assembly of the new half-rounds commenced until all five tables were built and arranged against the walls in the lab. Then, the existing computers, chairs and peripherals were brought back into the room and arranged on the new tables. We also re-installed the teacher station which now stands at the front of the room.

Training and Documentation Provided

While Principal Tatum observed the installation of the new tables, we could not provide additional training because our original plan included the installation of the new iMacs which we were delayed at the time of installation.


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