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Site Description


400 W. Bradley
Champaign, IL 61820

History of Organization

They already have a lab with eight computers (e-machines); it was used mostly by church members. It hasn’t been used much in recent months because they’ve been trying to upgrade the lab and branch out to the community. They created an organization without a religious affiliation to raise money for the project.

Summary of Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Goals

The computers were originally used by church members, but the group does want to branch out and make it a community computer lab. (There aren’t any computer labs in the area, and they want to provide computer use to anyone who needs it.) They want to focus on High School students primarily. They hope to provide these students with computer training, basic word processing software, and software that would help the students with their Math and English skills. They would like us to find open software to help them meet these goals.