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Organization’s Priorities for Implementation of Technology

First and foremost, they want a network with useable computers. The ones they have now are slow and have little storage. We will provide them with nine computers with Pentium III processors. We will set up one of these computers as an administrator. We can provide them with Windows 98.

Word processing software is second on the list, since the computers will be used primarily to help students with their homework. We can provide them with Open Office, which is enough like Microsoft Office that students will be able to transfer their files from class to the lab and vice versa.

Finally, we should look for open software that will help students with their schoolwork. We have a list of software that they’re interested in. We will see if we can find anything comparable.

Resources Organization Can Provide for Technology Implementation

We discussed the possibility of getting Windows 2000. It sounds like that probably won’t happen until after we finish this project, but if it does happen before then, we’d be happy to upload the software if we get it in time.

They are also interested in getting a laser printer for the lab. If they do get one, we will need the driver disc to upload the software onto the computers. Jenny is willing to drive over and pick it up from the Church. In the meantime, we will upload the driver disc from their existing printer onto all of the computers.

They will pay for installation of internet access. They are also working on getting us more power outlets and putting the lab on a different circuit.

Resources GSLIS Will Need to Provide

We will provide nine computers, open software installation, and computer lab installation. We will search for open software that might be of interest to the students. We will also provide a Windows 98 operating system. (Table available at under “Site Survey.”)

Number Processor Hard Drive Memory Hertz
1 Pentium III 8.4 GB 128 MB ???
2 Pentium III 8 GB 128 MB ???
3 Pentium III 13 GB 384 MB Memory, 128 SD-RAM ???
4 Pentium III 13 GB 384 MB Memory, 128 SD-RAM ???
5 Pentium III 13 GB 384 MB 450 Mhz
6 Pentium III 30 GB 128 MB Memory and SD-RAM ???
7 Pentium III 30 GB 384 MB Memory, (3)128 SD-RAM ???
8 Pentium III 20 GB 384 MB Memory 800 Mhz
9 Pentium III 8 GB 384 MB Memory ???