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Problems and Solutions

Khan would not Boot and Nuke with the cd or floppy.

  • We replaced the ribbon cables and the cd rom drive, but that had no effect. We were eventually able to nuke Khan by using the all book disk.

Q’s network card would not work; the drivers were missing.

  • We re-copied the drivers from the Windows 98 install disk.

Spock would occasionally freeze during startup.

  • We were not able to resolve this problem. We made a point to tell Uzee about it.

Geordi would not even turn on, even though it had been working for the previous couple weeks.

  • We replaced the power supply, and Geordi was fine after that.

Drivers for the sound cards were missing.

  • We searched for the drivers for weeks, but we were not able to locate them. The computers in the lab just won’t have any sound.