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Plan of Execution

The Steps the Organization Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery

If for whatever reason the electrician can’t put the room on a separate circuit or provide us with more outlets, we will need to know. A fan and lamp should also be added to the room. If any new software or new equipment is added to the lab, we will need the discs prior to computer delivery so we can upload them onto all of the computers.

The Steps the Project Team Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery

Reformat all of the computers, replace broken parts (cd-rom drives, hard drives, memory, etc.), upload the operating systems, search for software and drivers, upload software and drivers, and anything else that may arise.

Potential Risks That Might Hinder Fully Accomplishing the Plan

We may not be able to find a lot of open source software online since many things are 30-day trials. We will do our best.