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January 17th, 2011 by Admin

Welcome to the partial list of project pages for the UIUC engagement with Alpha and Omega Church of Jesus Christ in Champaign, IL.  For their official website, please visit

Communications with Site Coordinators

January 17th, 2011 by Admin
  • 10/26/2006 Emailed Uzee regarding lab setup and A&O history
  • 10/26/2006 Received email from Uzee. He will arrange to have someone at A&O on 12/7 and 12/8 so we can set up the lab.
  • 11/29/2006 Emailed Uzee to confirm that we will set up the lab on 12/7 and 12/8 from noon to 5pm.
  • 12/5/2006 Received email from Uzee. A&O will not have an internet connection when the lab is set up. He confirmed that we could set up the lab on 12/7/2006 between noon and 5 pm.