Myspace is a is a social networking website. Profiles that are created on MySpace contain two standard “blurbs”: “About Me” and “Who I’d Like to Meet” sections. Profiles also contain an “Interests” section and a “Details” section. In the “Details” section, “Status” and “Zodiac Sign” fields will always display. Profiles also contain a blog with standard fields for content, emotion, and media. MySpace also supports uploading images. Photos could be displayed on the MySpace profile. Photos can be made into a slide show. Myspace allows users to customize their user profile pages by entering HTML into such areas as “About Me”, “I’d Like to Meet”, and “Interests”. Videos and flash-based content can be included this way. Users also have the option to add music to their profile pages via Myspace Music. Other features of MySpace include, Bulletins, Goups, MySpaceIM, MySpaceTV, Applications, MySpace Moblie, MySpace News, MySpace Classifieds, MySpace Karaoke, MySpace Polls, MySpace forums.

MySpace profiles for musicians in the website’s MySpace Music section differ from normal profiles in allowing artists to upload their entire discographies consisting of MP3 songs. The uploader must have rights to use the songs (e.g. their own work, permission granted, etc.). The availability of music on this website continues to develop, largely driven by young talent. Over eight million artists have been discovered by MySpace and many more continue to be discovered daily.

Poorly formatted code can cause accessibility problems for those using software such as screen readers. MySpace has also has some security problems in the past. As long as users are careful with their personal information and use the privacy settings, users can be safer. But, security is something that should always be in the back of one’s mind and something that should be thought about before a MySpace account is created.


Blogging is one strong feature that is supported by MySpace. Blogging is a great way to help express a story in a simple format. Please see the MySpace help web page on how to begin to set up a MySpace blog.

Click Help Topics > Blogs

Uploading Photos

Photos can be easily uploaded to a MySpace web page. The MySpace website gives easy to use instructions on how to upload pictures to a new online photo album or an existing one already published. It also includes photo restrictions. Please see the MySpace help web page:

Click Help Topics > Photos

Uploading Music

Music can also be uploaded to a MySpace page. Please see the MySpace help web page:

Click Help Topics > Music

Please see the Wikipedia article for more information:

To create an account:

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