Accessibility: Adding Subtitles

While moving to multimedia formats such as video can provide many additional methods for telling your story, one major disadvantage is that those with hearing impairments are not able to fully appreciate the message of the story.  Still, there are times when blog postings are not the best tools for fully conveying a story in all its richness the way a video can.  In these cases, subtitles provide a solid solution.  An effective, free solution is available for videos hosted on YouTube, BlipTV, and others is the Universal Subtitles website.  Visit the site, enter in the URL of your video, type in the text of the audio, and use the site to synch that text with the appropriate video segments.  The Universal Subtitles site can also be used to enable others to provide translations of your subtitles, further broadening the audience.

Whatever the tool used, accessibility is an important consideration for anyone creating a digital version of a story to assure everyone within your audience can access that story.

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