Promoting Media Literacy

Digital Storytelling helps storytellers think critically about how to effectively combine audio and visual elements within digital stories. Storytellers must master media technology in order to record, edit and preserve their digital story. The more people use these media tools the more comfortable they are with this digital media. People learn more advanced computer skills by recording and editing their stories. Storytellers must first think how the digital media will help them express their story, communicate their emotions and help provoke the feelings they want to convey through their story. Digital storytelling provokes an interaction between narrative and media elements. Storytellers must find a balance in order to mesh their personal story and the digital elements. This helps the storyteller learn to manipulate the technology which helps them to learn more from it. Since storytellers come from all walks of life and all different backgrounds, digital storytelling helps those without advanced computer skills become more involve with technology. Digital storytelling promotes good communication skills to those who may not have it.

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