Changed the Idea of Professional Writers

The creation of digital storytelling has put visual storytelling in the hands of novice writers. The job of writing and telling stories is no longer left to professionals. The advent of new software and new digital technology has lead to a wider range of writers coming to the field of communication. Digital storytelling makes it easy for those who are not accomplished writers to begin and finish the task of creating their own story. All one needs is a “voice and something to say” (Lasica).

An exciting example of community members as published authors can be seen in the book “Facing the Future: Our Hopes and Our Fears“, a book written collaboratively by students at Lovejoy High School in Brooklyn, IL and students at CECA-Arcola Parque in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.  This book was published by and is available for purchase from there!

Another example of community members filling a gap left unfilled by the professional writers can be seen in the CU Citizen Access Project (  This site is dedicated to devoted to coverage and discussion of social and economic issues within Champaign County.

For more information on this topic:

Digital Tools Easier to Grasp, by J.D. Lasica, Online Journalism Review (October 8, 2002):

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