Business Communities

Digital storytelling is now being used in business advertising. Businesses are hiring people to harvest their artifacts in order to create compelling stories. These stories are used to create advertisements to promote products to the public. Also, businesses use these digital stories to create and preserve their histories. Companies can see where they have been and how they have evolved in their history. This helps them keep advancing in their field.

Businesses also use digital storytelling to create a story for their own employees. Research has found that structuring themes and messages in story form significantly increased worker involvement, sense of commitment, ownership of corporate values and mission, and sense of belonging. Digital storytelling also is effective at motivating employees to buy into corporate values, policies and attitude. This help business managers manage with a common set of beliefs, values and perspectives. These stories can be used for social control, by motivating people to believe in common values. This creates a feeling of involvement and a sense of community within businesses.

For more information on this topic, please see:

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