Story Corps is an independent nonprofit organization which seeks to teach and help create digital stories. They have simple to read manuals that step through the storytelling process and the digital aspect of storytelling.  It also has a place to upload audio files. They seek to preserve oral histories from anyone with any background. They focus on creating digital stories in groups, believing that stories are best told in interview format. One person is questioned while the other answers. This creates the story and creates a memory for both parties.

KQED Digital Storytelling Initiativ, founded by the KQED radio station to bring digital storytelling to California. They created detailed manuals on how to create digital stories and how to create advanced story boards to accompany these stories. The KQED also led workshops in which participants were walked through each step of the storytelling process. The KQED leaders have also published literature on digital storytelling and produced manuals on this topic.

The Center for Digital Storytelling was founded by Joe Lambert. The Center for Digital Storytelling seeks to educate on the importance of digital storytelling and how to get started in creating a digital story. Joe Lambert created the digital storytelling cookbook and has also led numerous week long storytelling workshops. Lambert has published numerous times in numerous journals on the topic of digital storytelling. He has also been interviewed numerous times on the benefits of digital storytelling and why it is important. I can be argued that it is the work Joe Lambert that has made digital storytelling a success today and brought the process to the forefront of ideas to incorporate into schools and communities.

The HistoryMakers is the single largest archive collection of interviews of African Americans. These archives include the stories of individual African Americans as well as African American organizations, events and movements. This archive currently holds 8,000 hours of African American interviews. Their focus is to “capture the stories of accomplished African American across all walks of life and to use video and new technologies to create an accessible digital collection to serve as a resource for students, teachers, scholars, documentary producers and the media.” The HistoryMakers commits to preserve and provide easy accessibility to their archived collection of thousands of African American video oral histories. HistoryMakers provides a wide range of points of view on topics and events important to the African American culture. They seek to get away from the single story of African American history by preserving thousands of hours of video oral histories, so all points of view are heard and preserved for future generations.

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