Digitizing Audio and Images

In order to create an effective digital story, audio and visual can added. These elements can bring more emotion to your audience in order for them to understand your story more fully. These elements can also distract the audience from your intended point of the story. The pages which follow help you to insert pictures and music you already own into your digital story by first digitizing them.

3D objects can be digitized by taking pictures of them then uploading the pictures. This helps to digitize 3D mementos in your life in order for the audience to more understand your story.

How to Capture Print Images:

To Capture Large Prints or Photographs:


This blog easily explains how to take a picture of a large painting or print that is needed to be digitized. The author explains the type of lighting needed and how to center the painting in order to take an effective picture to upload.

To Capture 3D objects:


This article explains that a scanner can easily and effectively capture small 3D objects that need to be digitized.

Cannon 8800F Scanner

The Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Film/Negative/Photo Scanner features high-luminance white LED lamps, which means it can scan immediately without warming up. Its simple, streamlined design includes seven simple buttons you use to scan, copy, create emails and multi-page PDFs, and automatically scan with an incredible color resolution–up to 4800 by 9600 dpi. With the CanoScan’s sophisticated retouching technology, you can improve old and precious photos by digitally removing dust and scratches from antique, faded, or otherwise aging prints. The CanoScan 8800F is able to simultaneously scan up to four slides or twelve 35-millimeter frames, using either positives or negatives. In addition, a USB 2.0 interface makes scanning and image transfers faster than ever.


• Spectacular scans: Produce scans with spectacular resolution of up to 4800 x 9600 color dpi.
• 48-bit Input/Output: Rich, vivid color: 48-bit color depth yields over 281 trillion possible colors.
• Incredible resolution: The included software greatly enhances resolution, up to an amazing 19,200 color dpi.
• Easy scanning: Large function buttons automate the scanning process-select the use for the image, and it’s ready in seconds.
• Enhance old photos: Built-in retouching technology removes much of the dust and scratches on original prints, improving image quality.
• Auto-Image Fix: The built-in Auto-Image Fix feature via Easy PhotoPrint EX helps you produce amazing results.
• Faster data: The USB 2.0 interface enables the fastest possible image transfers and scanning speeds.
• Multi-image scanning: To save time, simultaneously scan up to 12 frames of 35mm film strip or 4 frames of 35mm slides (negatives or positives).

How To Scan Pictures Using Cannon 8800f:


Music can be digitized from music your already own on LP, cassette and CD.

How to Capture Audio:

How to Digitize Cassettes:


This article explains why cassettes should be digitized, what is needed to digitize cassettes and how to get started digitizing your cassette collection.

How to Digitize LPs:


This website explains what is needed to digitize your LPs, how to start recording and how to edit the recordings.

How to Digitize CDs: http://cnettv.cnet.com/how-digitize-your-cds/9742-1_53-19817.html

This 2 minute video explains how to digitize your CDs by uploading them to iTunes.

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