Adding Video, Images and Audio

Adding multimedia such as video, images and audio to a digital story can allow the storyteller to reach new audiences and to engage them in new and interesting ways.  The correct selection of music or images can create a new level of interaction in a digital story and effectively portray the storyteller’s emotions.

While multimedia can be very powerful in a digital story, it is important that any multimedia selected add to the story rather than detract from it.  For example, if music is distracting, perhaps the voice of the storyteller will suffice.  Furthermore, if public domain images or videos are used, which are not directly from the storyteller’s collection, the viewer may be mislead to believe that such multimedia reflects the storyteller’s actual experience.  It is important to take perception into consideration when selecting multimedia for use in a digital story.  In this case, it may be possible to add subtitles or text to convey the meaning of the multimedia in context with the digital story.

There are a number of software options available for creating a video-based digital story, some of which come pre-installed on your computer.  For Microsoft Windows Me, XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows Movie Maker is available.  On a Mac, iMovie is pre-installed.  Both software installations provide a number of options for creating a digital story with video, images and audio.

Other software packages, which can be used to author a digital story, include proprietary software such as Final Cut Pro for Macs, Pinnacle Studio for Windows, Avid Studio, Sony Vegas and Corel’s VideoStudio Pro.  If you have limited hard drive space or a limited budget, there are a number of Web-based applications that help create video such as Animoto or VoiceThread.  Some open source options for video editing include Jahshaka from the Cinefx Project or LiVes, the Linux Video Editing System.

For more information on editing in Windows Movie Maker, please see the following quick guide to Movie Maker.  For more information on editing in iMovie, please see the following quick guide to iMovie.

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