Creating a Digital Story

As you move through the process of putting together your digital story think about how technology can help you. What do you think will help get the goal of your story across? Who is your audience? As you think about each of these questions decide what format is best for your digital story.  Remember the more you use the technology the better you will get at it. Even if you aren’t able to use the advanced settings, keep working with it and you will be able to achieve what you want it to.

The most simple format for a digital story is text and pictures. One online method for this simple form of digital storytelling is called blogging. Stories can be typed and put online accompanied by still pictures using a blogging site like WordPress or Blogger. These stories can still be effective and get one’s story across.

The next more complicated story would be stories with audio. Stories can be recorded and saved as audio files using software such as Audacity. They can include both recordings of a spoken story and optional background or accompanying music.

Another way to tell your story is through the use of video and pictures. Audio can be uploaded to a movie maker and accompanied by pictures, transitions and video. These stories are the most fully multimedia. They require the most use of technology in order to record the story and think about how pictures and video can be used to amplify the climax of the story. Also realize that technology when used incorrectly can take away from a story. Some stories are more effective as blogs while others may want to use movable pictures.

Each of these options will be covered in greater detail on the following pages:

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