The basis of much of the practical learning from this section on setting up your project was attained in connection with a grant from the California Digital Library, specifically the California of the Past Digital Storytelling Grant, which until the year of 2010/2011 was awarded to four California libraries.  For this reason, many of the funding sources suggested are available to California libraries, however we would like to encourage discussion in this section, and ask that you post comments or email the webmaster to inform us of other state opportunities for digital storytelling funding.  We will accordingly update this website to reflect these changes.

National or Regional Grants:

  1. National Endowment for the Humanities:  While the grant process for these grants may be complicated, the National Endowment for the Humanities may provide unique funding opportunities for your digital storytelling project.
  2. Institute of Museums and Library Services:  The IMLS currently has a project for 30 learning labs in libraries throughout the U.S., which could be encompassed to include digital storytelling projects.
  3. American Historical Society: As a member of the American Historical Association (AHA), you can search their database for potential grant opportunities.
  4. Community Development Block Grants (CDBG): This program offers communities a number of resources to address different community development needs.

State-level Grants (please e-mail us or post a comment if you know of other local opportunities):

  1. California Council of the Humanities:  The California Council of the Humanities has the “Stories of California Media Project”, which might be appropriate for a digital storytelling project
  2. California State Library: The California State Library has the “Pitch a Project” program, in which you can pitch a project and then possibly receive grant funding.
  3. Local History Digital Resource Project:  The LHDRP is a statewide program for libraries looking to develop digital primary resource collections.
  4. California Civil Liberties Public Education Program:  The CCLPEP is a grant program funded by the California State Library particularly targeted on the experiences of Japanese Americans who were subject to exclusion, forced removal and internment during World War II.
  5. California Arts Council

Grant programs are not the only way to locate finding for your project.  Approaching other institutions in the community might lead to a valuable partnership and means of creating a viable and quality digital storytelling project.  Other potential sources of funding include the following:

  1. Foundations that are private or public and can be local, regional, state-wide or national
  2. Retail stores such as Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy
  3. Local financial institutions
  4. Local community foundations
  5. Library foundations or Friends of the Library
  6. Partnering agencies or boards
  7. School districts (for potentially finding volunteer manpower)
  8. Sports teams

This section is intended to be collaborative, so if you have tips or ideas for other places to raise funds, please email us or post a comment!

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