Establishing the Goal of the Project

Every digital story has the potential of invoking emotion from the viewer and this emotion can be very powerfully used for a number of purposes.  Some of the uses mentioned by the Center for Digital Storytelling include documenting a specific story of a person or organization, as a means of education and technology training, for purposes of personal or group reflection, and for purposes of activism (Lambert, 2010).  Another use for digital storytelling not addressed in Lambert’s model is utilizing digital storytelling as a means to document and archive history, whether group or personal history.  Grants such as the California of the Past Digital Storytelling Project target this goal of archiving local history through digital storytelling.  Many of these goals are individually addressed in the section on the importance of storytelling.

This section will address different roles of digital storytelling in three areas as they relate to group projects on digital storytelling:

Outreach and Activism


Archiving History



Lambert, Joe. (2010).  Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community (3rd ed.). Berkeley, California: Digital Diner Press.

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