Distributing Your Digital Stories

Now that you’ve completed your digital stories, publicizing and distributing the stories ensures that your efforts are noticed.  Our section on Sharing Digital Stories Online provides information about sharing content via Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.  These websites are great starting points for promoting your content in the social networking realm.  Other potential ideas for distribution can include some of the following channels:

  1. Your own website:  Featuring your digital stories on your own website is a great way to make your existing patrons and clients aware of your project.
  2. Partner websites:  If you have any sponsors or partners, encouraging them to also promote the project increases the exposure.
  3. Podcasts:  If you have video or audio content, promoting podcasts of your content will allow you to reach existing and new audiences.
  4. Events:  Creating receptions and events where you present existing digital stories is a great way to reach out to the community and also to honor the participating storytellers.
  5. Press releases and news articles: Contacting local newspapers and press agencies may help get the word out about your digital stories.
  6. Hard copies:  Libraries and museums may be able to make hard copies available for public access.  Making copies for the digital storytellers will also help distribute the content, as they may share with others.
  7. Local networks and television stations: Local networks and television stations may be receptive to showing some of your digital stories, especially if you feature community leaders or public officials as storytellers.
  8. Exhibits:  Some libraries such as the Watsonville Public Library in Watsonville, CA and the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library in Rancho Cucamonga, CA have created public viewing stations for digital stories generated during their California of the Past Digital Storytelling Grant.  These exhibits allow patrons to enter the library and watch the videos at viewing stations.

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