Managing a Digital Storytelling Project

As a library or institution, you’ve determined that a digital storytelling project is a beneficial addition to your programming or educational outreach.  This first step in acknowledging the importance of digital storytelling is a start to putting the project into motion.  It is however important to establish a clear scope for your project.  Whether your digital storytelling project results out of a desire for outreach to new patrons, a grant project for specifically this purpose, for educational purposes or any other reason, the establishment of goals will help your program to be successful.

The following sections will establish some common goals for digital storytelling projects and provide some practical tips for managing your digital storytelling project.  These sections are specifically geared towards institutions managing group digital storytelling projects, and not to the individual looking to create his or her personal digital story.  For more information on creating a personal digital story, see the sections on the importance of storytelling, the process of storytelling and creating a digital story.

You can visit any of these sections directly by clicking the linked table of contents below or by clicking the next button found at the bottom of each page.


Establishing the goal of the project


Setting up your project


Practical Project Management

Distributing your digital stories


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