Archiving Digital Stories

The Digital Storytelling process can be very long and time consuming process. In order to complete the story boarding process it is important that audio and visual files are kept safe. There are many ways to save files in order to access them again. It is also important to realize that data and files need to be saved often, if a file has been updated but not saved, the new data could be lost if it was not saved properly. Technology can often break down. This means data files must be saved in more than one location. Having backup files is pertinent when files become corrupt. Losing files when there is a backup is not as upsetting as if there was only one copy that was lost.

After saving files onto a storage device, preservation methods need to come into play. Even though a file is saved onto a device does not mean it will forever be safe. Storage devices need to be taken care of and have proper handling and care. CDs and DVDs can become scratched and need protective coverings. Flash drives and external hard drives are fragile and can break when mishandled or dropped. Once these machines become damaged or broken, the files on them are also lost.

If these devices are cared for, files and memories can be stored for a very long time. Keeping your files up to date means one can enjoy their stories for generations!

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