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I have been writing a long time and have learned some things, not only from my own long hard work, but from a writing class I had for three years. In this class were all kinds of people: prosperous and poor, stenographers, housewives, salesmen, cultivated people and little servant girls who had never been to high school, timid people and bold ones, slow and quick ones. This is what I learned: that everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say.

Brenda Ueland

Digital Storytelling is the process of oral storytelling with multi-media elements. Digital storytelling has become a wide movement and is gaining more supporters. This is because of the strong positive effects people are seeing to increase the number of people who can share their stories broadly through the implementation of digital storytelling. Several centers and initiatives have been created to help motivate people to share their stories. These include the Center for Digital Storytelling founded by Joe Lambert, the KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative founded by the KQED radio station, and Story Corps, an independent nonprofit. Digital storytelling has been shown to help create and build communities, to help people learn to communicate effectively and to help those reflect on their pasts.

Within these pages we hope you will find not only some ideas on the potential impact storytelling can have within your organization or community, but also some starting points for beginning your own journey into digital storytelling!

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