Power is a significant issue in many public computing spaces. Having multiple power sources facilitates the flexible use of space. Some possible power applications include:

Infloor Power Sources: Since laptops can be used virtually anywhere, there should be power accommodations for laptops everywhere within a space. Having sources of power in the floor allows chairs and tables to moved without loosing access to power and without stretching cords across the floor.

Power in a 10ft Grid: Having power in the floor in a grid, with a box every 10ft will allow for maximum flexibility with furniture placement and will provide power for multiple users.

Power Supply or Holes in table: Having a power source in tables is one way for people to easily power their electronic devices. These tables can be moved from one location to another (if the table has wheels), and easily plugged into a power source. Another possibility is to have tables with holes (for cord control) that allows for an individual to plug their electronics into the nearest electrical outlets.

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