The color of our surroundings strongly influences our psychological and emotional well-being. It has been said that colorful spaces promote learning, creativity, and production. Color may be introduces in community spaces in ways such as:

Walls: Whether painted in a single or multiple colors there is a sense of happiness that is promoted by the use of war colors (shades of yellow and red). A calm and relaxing mood is enduced by shades of blue and green.


Floor coverings: Capet, tile, and rubber flooring all come in a variety of shades and colors.

Furniture color: Furniture can make for a fun and vibrant addition to a room.

Colorful storage: Things such as bookshelves and lockers can be colorful as well. It adds a nice emphasis to a piece that is not normally recognized.

Wall decoration: Pictures, posters, photographs, etc. are excellent sources of color that can enliven white or grey walls.

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