Public Computing Centers should be easily accessible for people of all ages and physical abilities. A few accessibility considerations are as follow:

Access from Outside: Public computing centers are more easily accessible when located on street level where the can enter directly. If street access is not possible these computing centers should be position along main corridors.

Access to Computer Stations (furniture): Computers should be set up on adjustable height tables. Adjustable chairs should also be provided. An assortment of tables with varying heights will also accommodate a variety of users.

NOTICE: 10 cents will be charged for each page of Braille printing

Handicap Accessibility: Entrances, corridors, and walkways should be wide enough to allow wheelchair mobility. Accessibility tables should seat a wheelchair comfortably. Providing computer stations with large print screens will accommodate those who are visually impaired. Similarly, braille printers will also be a great addition.

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