Workshop Outline

Seniors Step Forward: Increasing Technology Awareness and Connecting About it With Peers

Audience: Senior citizen African American women

Potential Location: Computer lab at Salem Baptist Church, Champaign Il.

Time: 1.5 hours

Main Objective:

To help senior citizens become more aware of their relationship with technology and to help them establish a common connection with their peers. Together the individuals can develop a plan to move forward with their technology.

Broad Goals:

-Foster community building

-Allow the instructor and participant to learn together

-Teach while engaging in group discussion

-Embrace difference as a resource

Narrow Goals:

-Determine a working definition of “technology”

-Identify the values that technology roots with

-Establish connections and a shared relationship individuals can grow from

-Establish a time for future meetings


  1. Introduction ( 5 min.)
  • Take this time to explain to the group the title and objective of the workshop and talk about your goals for the day.
  • Ask if there are any specific goals that they have. What are they looking to get out of the workshop? (write those on the wipe board and if they are not able to be used today, save them for the future).
  • Make a list of ground rules on the wipe board for the workshop. These rules can concern what is said in the workshop, how people are treated and anything else that the participants deem necessary. Encourage everybody to contribute to the ground rules.
  • 2) What is Technology? Icebreaker (10-12 min.)
  • Have everyone get out a piece of paper and write down their definition of technology.
  • Have people group into pairs and discuss their definitions of technology. Then have the pairs talk about any issues they have with technology.
  • Bring the group back together and have people share what they talked about.

3) Main discussion. (45 minutes)

Use what is talked about in everybody’s definition of technology to help formulate the framework for the             main discussion.

Talk about the groups experiences with technology, help the group come to realize what they experiences     they have in common, or what is different, using these guiding questions: Why do I think technology is or is not important? Who influences me to learn technology or helps me learn? Where does my interest take root in? What do I do to stay away or grow in my technology knowledge?

Use the main questions of guided inquiry to help carry the discussion forward: What do I know? What do I want to learn? How do I find out? How do I share what I learned? What will I do next time?

4) How does technology play into my daily values? (15 min.)

Take three to five minutes and write on the board what values are most important to the group.

Then have them pair up again and talk about how technology can help or harm those values. Discuss where things can get dangerous and talk about how this danger can be avoided.

5) Reflection and discussion. (5-10 min.)

Take time where the group reflects on what they learned today and discusses what they want to accomplish in technology, while staying true to their values. Help them develop first steps to take these ideas forward. Have everybody write down on a small piece of paper one action they want to take before the next meeting and have them keep that piece of paper with them. Plan a time where everybody can meet next.

6) Conclusion. (3 min.)

Thank everybody for their participation. Encourage them to come to the next meeting. Also, give them a handout of different online resources for senior citizens if they are interested which the group can talk about at a later meeting.

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