Seniors Step Forward: Increasing Technology Awareness and Connecting About it With Peers

By: Emily Bayci

Throughout the course of the Fall 2012 semester, I volunteered in the technology lab at Salem Baptist Church in Champaign, Ill. I worked with senior citizen African American women during this time and talked with them to determine their wants and needs in technology. My discussions and observations led to the conclusion that there was an overall desire to learn but an ambiguous what and why fueling those desires along with a common feeling that they were alone in these desires.

I developed this popular education workshop to help senior citizens become more aware of their relationship with technology and to help them establish a common connection with their peers. Together the individuals can develop a plan to move forward with their technology. The objectives of the workshop are based around the popular education ideas of Virginia Eubanks and the desire for self transformation and technology learning of Diana Nucera. The discussion is formatted using guided inquiry and draws heavily from the research and findings of Carol Kuhlthau, Leslie Maniotes, and Ann Caspari.

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