Tech 21: 21st Century Communication Technologies for Organizations

This workshop is a part of the Urbana Free Library Tech 21 program created by the Community Ambassador, Karen Barton.


Become familiar with new and emerging communication technologies and address your communication, technology, and related needs by developing an action plan that incorporates various tools. Solutions may include using social media or a custom-built website, creating a listserv (electronic mailing list), videoconferencing, technology upgrades, technical support, and much more. This workshop is intended for businesses and organizations. Two representatives per group is highly encouraged. Some experience using a computer and the Internet helpful.


It is suggested that participants come in groups of two–such as a “higher level” (i.e. manager, director) and “lower level” (i.e. assistant, employee) staff members–and possibly representing community/nonprofit organizations, churches, and large or small businesses, including farmer’s market vendors.


  • To address technology concerns, especially as it relates to usage within an organization.
  • To examine communication and related organizational needs and determine possible solutions, which may or may not include the use of new technology tools.
  • To learn about new and emerging technologies that may be useful within organizational settings.
  • To view related issues from multiple perspectives through participatory work.
  • To develop a communication-focused plan of action (logic model), incorporating currently used technology or applying new tools if necessary.

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