1. Arrive and settle into the space
    1. Get seated, obtain food and drinks, casually introduce yourself
      1. I chose the space to be a bar/restaurant during the early afternoon so that individuals could eat or drink while working in a casual and fairly quiet atmosphere
  2. Formal Introductions
    1. Name and any other information individuals are willing to share
      1. Personally, I hate ice-breakers, but those could be useful here if you know of some good and engaging ones
  3. Explain the Wiki
    1. A community resource made for and by its members
      1. What is already on the wiki as well as the type of information we are hoping to add
    2. Provide a handout on how to edit the wiki
  4.  Explain the role of individuals present
    1. Everyone is an expert of their own experience
      1. I told a story about a student not realizing how structured his method of navigating the university campus was until reminded of areas he intentionally avoids. This was to help others who may also be dismissive of their own expertise realize the intentionality of their own routine
    2. Conversations and interactions at this workshop are just as valuable as content added to the site
  5. Interact
    1. At this point, I became a member of the workshop rather than a facilitator
      1. If people wanted to ask me specific questions,  they are able to.  Being at the same table as other participants, however, allows for these questions to be heard by all members of the workshop and provides them the opportunity to answer as well.  This hopefully reinforces the concept of everyone being experts in their own experience based knowledge.
    2. Let the flow of the workshop go wherever participants desire
      1. At this point, if people are more concerned with conversing, let it happen.  Community building is the main desired outcome, so don’t stop it!
  6. Wrap-up
    1. Ask individuals if they would like to meet again.
      1. If so, in what capacity, place, time, etc.
      2. Also, desired means of communication for future events
    2. Remind individuals of the wiki as something they now have the tools and information to edit the wiki in the future at their own leisure

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