Digital Archiving and Preservation

Every library or community institution will have acquired artifacts or documents that they may wish to preserve for future generations.  Some of this content may include physical artifacts, which the institution has digitized or intends to digitize, or it may include born digital objects.  Every institution is unique and it is likely that some portion of their history could be lost if their digital footprint is not preserved.  But how does an institution, especially a small institution such as a small public library or small community archive go about preserving their collections effectively?

This website intends to address some of the larger issues with digital preservation while focusing on approaches for smaller community institutions who may not have access to the resources available at larger institutions.  A smaller community institution in this sense is defined as a small public or private library, archive, institution or other organization that is not connected to a larger network of institutions and therefore autonomously funded within the smaller organization.

The following sections have been included to address some of these issues:

Digitization vs. Preservation

Key Issues

What is a Community

Approaches for Smaller Community Institutions

Digital Archiving Software

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