Negative Implications and Possible Side Effects of Some Community Intranets

No matter the technology, someone benefits and someone doesn’t: Community intranets are no different. This section will overview the negative implications, causes and side effects of employing such a technology on a small or large scale and on a personal or public level. As with any kind of emerging technology, the ubiquitous digital divide must be considered, and in the case of mesh and ad hoc networks (which are examples of possible community intranet designs), a segmentation of communication and social and technological limitations should also be considered as they are here.

Some of the greatest dangers with this technology generally regard over-dependence on it, especially if it is used as a replacement to the already established Internet. As illustrated previously, there are times in which ad hoc or mesh networks, like those also previously discussed, are useful and in fact necessary to dispense information. Even so, caution must be observed when implementing and disseminating technology.

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