Pirate Box


PirateBox is a suite of software designed to turn a small Linux computer into a simple network server. It contains a front page, a simple text chat interface and a file server. It also contains a image archive and forum that can be turned on easily in the configuration file.

It has been tested on a number of devices and has a fairly large community of people using and supporting it. This means that if you have trouble installing it you can get help in a online forum.

This software is a good place to start when you are creating a community network. It is a easy way to create a server that can support some simple information sharing applications. It can host a forum and share files of all kinds.

In addition to customizing the installed applications the look of the entire PirateBox can be modified. A example of this is the LibraryBox branch. This is a modification of the Pirate box to make the software appearance more appropriate for a a library setting.

Instructions for installation on a Raspberry Pi.

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