Base Software


This is the command you will use to install most software on your machine. It will work if you are either connected remotely using a ssh session or directly typing commands into your machine. As you need super user privileges to install most applications you should precede a apt-get command with ‘sudo’. ‘Apt-get install’ followed by the name of the software will install most commonly used linux software if it is present in your repository.


Ligttpd is a lightweight web server. A web server is the software on a server that makes web pages available to the user. Lightpd is included in the PirateBox software package but can be installed independently. This software is needed if


DnsMasq is a lightweight DNS or Domain Name Server. It provides unique IP addresses to computers connecting to your network. If you want computers to be able to easily communicate with your server and each other on your network you need this software installed. It is included in the PirateBox package.


iw is a Linux command line configuration utility for wireless devices. If you want to use your device, especially a Raspberry Pi or other general purpose computer, to host a wireless network you will need this utility. It will allow your device to setup and use a wireless dongle. This is also included in the PirateBox software package.

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