Community Intranet Creation: Hardware

A community intranet can run on a wide range of hardware. In this article we will focus on low cost and low power consumption hardware. With this type of hardware networks can be created cheaply. It is also possible to run these networks for a significant amount of time off commercially available batteries.

The trade off for cheap and low power networks is limited capacity. The Raspberry Pi, a example of this type of technology, can only host up to 10 persons in a voice chat before the server is overloaded. Web pages and text chat can accommodate more people but there is a definite cap to the number of simultaneous connections. In addition the wireless technology used has a relatively short range.

Dead Drops – A simple way to share information anonymously using the cheapest digital technologies available.

Raspberry Pi – A low cost and low power consumption computer that can host a small local network.

OpenWrt Routers – Existing routers or routers obtained for cheap can be modified to host simple web applications.

Portable Battery Power Sources – It is possible to set up a temporary network without a connection to the power grid. These batteries let you do it.

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