Creating a Community Intranet

A community intranet is a local small to medium size network that is focused on the local community it serves. This kind of network can be set up independent of any connection to the Internet. Many of the technologies used on the larger Internet can be made available to the local community without a connection to the Internet. Forums, image sharing, file sharing, chat and other applications can all be hosted on a network only open to local connections.

The hardware and software to host such a network are cheaply and easily obtainable. Low cost hardware of moderate power can obtain for less than 200.00$. Additionally most of this hardware uses small amounts of power and can be sustained on battery power for significant time periods. Software packages to run these applications are available from the open source and related movements for free.

The linked pages on the right contain some examples of available hardware and software packages. Where possible links to places to obtain the items and configuration information have been provided.

Hardware Components

Software Components

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